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From the creation of an original watercolour of the bridal location, direction maps of the area, to the whole layout design and printing.

Save the date, Invitations, bridal menu designs or any other Bridal Stationery.

The original watercolor used in the invitation will be framed and shipped to the bridal couple as part of the package.


We are specialized in 3 stages of services:

1 - Single watercolour:

We take care of a single drawing element that will be in the invitation but we don’t provide the design of the layout, logos or the printing. We can make the drawing of the bridal location or explanatory maps. A digital version and the original drawings will be shipped.

First drawing: 40€ + taxes. 35€ + taxes for the second one. Third at 30€ + taxes. Shipping not included.

2 - Watercolours, logos and layout of the invitation:

Design of the digital version of the finished invitation. This option is recommended when the shipping expenses are too high. We won’t take care of the printing. But we don’t recommend it if the couple doesn’t have a good printing location or is not familiar with the paper textures and qualities. It is a pity when a good design work gets lost in a poor printing. It includes:

•Watercolours. (pricing as above)

•Location map (25€ + taxes)

•Initial logo design. (Useful for other stationary ideas like napkins, envelopes stamps or even table clothing) (20€ + taxes)

•Final layout of the invitation. (50€ + taxes)

•The original drawings will be shipped with the digital invitation pdf file. (shipping not included)

3 - Premium invitation with printing:

The pricing depends on the number of invitations and complexity of the design. For a basic invitation like the one on the right, with a logo and one watercolour in a medium quality paper the prices are:

•25 invitations: 4,9 € + taxes / per copy

•50 invitations: 2,7 € + taxes / per copy

•100 invitations: 1,6 € + taxes / per copy

•150 invitations: 1,3 € + taxes / per copy

For a more complex invitation like the one on the top of the page, with a logo, two watercolours and a map in a medium quality paper the prices would be:

•25 invitations: 7,3 € + taxes / per copy

•50 invitations: 3,9 € + taxes / per copy

•100 invitations: 2,2 € + taxes / per copy

•150 invitations: 1,6 € + taxes / per copy

The original drawings will be also shipped. Prices may change depending on the design complexity, type of paper or invitation size. Envelopes are not included but we would be happy to offer customized stamps and stickers decorations for it with the couple's initials logo. Shipping not included.


From our atelier, we understand the importance and uniqueness for such and important day.

Due to a lack of exclusive and hand-made luxury invitations with original watercolours, Sonsoles Masiá brings her pens, brushes and grafic design knowledge into the hands of the bridal couples.


We are also specialized in capturing memories into paper. The location where you met, the church where you got married. The place where your first child was born. A drawing of a loved pet.

Original hand made ideas as a gift for your loved ones.

Example of single watercolour commision where we only took care of the sketch. The layout design and printing were made by third parties. The original drawing was shipped to the clients and framed.

Initial logo design for Marta and James ; Andrea and Hector.

Other single element: digital explanatory plan for an online wedding invitation. Plans can be handmade with watercolours or digitaly designed.

Layout example of a simple save the date invitation with initials logo and one watercolour.

Layout example of a more complex invitation with two watercolours, initials logo and one extra map on the map.


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